Fleece Competition

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Free entry

Enter: Thursday 10th Nov, between 12 – 3 pm

Chief Steward: Belinda Smith

All enquiries to 0429 801 604, 03 5159 1334

All fleeces to be judged on points

Prizes: 1st—$10 & Ribbon.   Ribbons to 4th place.

Sash & money awarded from the above section entries for the following:​

  1. Superfine Merino Fleece

  2. Fine Merino Fleece

  3. Modiano Australia P/L

  4. Medium Merino Fleece

  5. Strong Merino Fleece

  6. Superfine Merino Weaner Fleece

  7. Fine Merino Weaner Fleece

  8. Medium Merino Weaner Fleece

  9. Strong Merino Weaner Fleece 

  10. Superfine Merino Ram Fleece

  11. Fine Merino Ram Fleece

  12. Medium Merino Ram Fleece

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Mondiano Australia P/L