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How To Enter

Manual Entry

You can enter your exhibit manually when you bring it into the Main Pavilion.  Or you can enter on-line with Showdayonline.  Please check your Section to see entry dates and times.

On-line Entry

Cut-Off - Friday 3pm - 17/11/2023

You now enter and pay (where applicable) for all Saturday and Sunday events on-line.  The expanded & new system, Showdayonline  is quick & easy to use. It was developed in NZ & is now used by Omeo, Sale & Maffra Shows.


The system gives stewards/judges lists by event for use during the Show.


How to Enter On-line

  1. Go to the Showdayonline website by clicking on the banner above. Click on the Place and Entry.

  2. Register on the site, using your email address.

  3. Create a password

  4. Add ALL the classes you wish to enter on your entry.

  5. Click Send to Show when you have added all your events.

  6. For Horse events only, tick "to agree" on the waiver form and fill in your details.

  7. Check your entry page and then enter payment details.

  8. ​Print/ and or save your entry form.

For help using Showdayonline click here. Help.

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