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Alpine Shears Competition

Out on the boards all our shearers stand, grasping their shears in their skilful hands.  We don’t have a ringer but there’s strong competition all day.  

Charity Wool Bale

 If you’re unfortunate enough to need an Ambulance Victoria helicopter trip then you’ll have benefitted from the proceeds from the Charity Wool Bale. Farmers generously donate their fleeces to be auctioned annually and donated to Helimed 1 Auxiliary.  

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Fleece Competition

Have you worn a woollen jumper or woollen suit?  Check out the quality and variety of the fleeces on show. Feel and smell the fleece before they are processed into wool fibre.   Straight off the sheep’s back.

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Wool Handling

Once shorn the fleece needs to be thrown on the table & prepared for classing.  Watch the speedy nimble work of the wool handlers.